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It's Shoulder Day, and That Always Get Me so Fucking Horny. Then Again, Every Session Gets My Cock Throbbing and My Balls Churning Up a Hot Load of Muscle Cum Ready for Shooting Off.

it's a Good Thing I Have so Many Willing Guys Just Begging for My Alpha Male Cock. There's Always Someone Ready and Willing to Gobble My Meat When I Need It.

you're the One Today, the Lucky Friend I Happened to See First After My Workout. I Know You'll Willingly Follow When I Tell You My Cock Need Draining.

we Get Back to My Place and I Know Your Dick Is Already Leaking Precum In Your Shorts. the Sight of My Massive Pecs and My Vascular Arms Is Enough to Have You Playing With Your Hard Dick While I Show Off My Gains In Front of You. I Know You Can't Believe How Massive and Strong I Am Now.

you Can Tell My Shoulders Are Bigger Than Ever, so Powerful. My Massive Arms Are Capable of Holding You Down While I Use Your Mouth or Arse for My Cock If I Chose To. Not That I Need to Do That, You're More Than Willing When You See My Fully Naked Body so Smooth and Bulging, so Massive and Strong.

i Let You Get Your Own Big Cock Out for Some Wanking While I Start to Stroke My Shaft Right In Front of Your Face. All You Can Think About Is Sucking My Meat, Rubbing Your Dick and Making It Wet With Precum and Spit While You Choke and Gag on My Muscle Man Cock.

finally, After Edging My Shaft, Watching You Stroking Your Solid Length While I Verbally and Visually Get You so Turned On, You Can Feel Your Own Load Rising Up and You Have to Stop Yourself. It's Good Timing, I'm Ready to Feed You My Shaft and Make You Take Every Drop of My Hot Muscle Cum Down Your Throat.

the Feel of Your Lips and Tongue on My Wet Helmet and Shaft Is Enough to Have My Semen Blasting Out of My Meat Within Minutes, Filling Your Gob With My Load, Overflowing to Drip Down Your Chin as You Try to Swallow as Much of My Cum as You Can. I Hear You Gag and Splutter, but I Don't Care. the Pleasure Is All That Matters as I Pump My Thick Jizz Into Your Throat.

don't Worry, I'll Collect Every Drop Leaking Out Around My Dick While You Suck the Last of It Out, You Can Lick My Fingers Clean After.

without Even Touching Your Own Cock It Starts Spewing Out a Fountain of Juice, Splashing Up My Thighs Either Side of You and Dripping Down My Tree-trunk Legs While I Continue to Feed You My Muscle Cum.

you're Welcome. Be Outside Next Week and Maybe I'll Feed You Again.


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