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When You're as Big and Powerful as I Am There's No Shortage of Guys Who Want to Be Pinned Down Beneath My Massive Body While I Use and Dominate Them, but Now and Then I Need a Real Competitor Able to Fight Back At Least a Little.

there's Nothing Hotter Than Grinding Against Someone, Muscle-on-muscle, Sweat Dripping From Our Bodies, Cocks Rock Hard and Leaking Precum Through Our Singlets as We Grapple for Dominance.

of Course I Always Win. No One Can Compete With My Massive Powerful Frame. My Skill At Taking Control and Getting the Upper Hand Is Second to None.

when I Overpower My Wrestling Partners They Know I Demand a Good Prize Too. Strangely, They're Never Very Reluctant to Worship My Massive Muscles, Exploring My Smooth Pecs and Rock Hard Abs, Licking and Sniffing My Pits, Sucking on My Hard Nipples...

after a Great Match You Can Guarantee My Cock Is Hard as Steel, My Balls Heavy With Hot Wrestler Cum. as I Let the Loser Explore My Incredible Sweaty Body I Stroke My Solid Length and Ooze Clear Juice From My Helmet, Dominating Them Further as I Tell Them How Weak They Are and How They Need to Worship Me and Give Me My Prize.

if They Were Good Enough and Really Put Up Some Kind of Fight I'll Even Give Them a Little Prize Too as They Get Down on Their Knees In Front of My Massive Thighs, My Sweaty Balls Rubbing and Slapping Against Their Chin as My Hot Semen Erupts From My Powerful Shaft and Splashes All Over Their Face, Flooding Their Thirsty Mouth.

do You Think You Could Last More Than Five Minutes With Me on the Mat? Are You Ready to Drink My Hot Wrestler Cum Load When I Beat Your Pathetic Arse Into Submission and Use You for My Enjoyment?


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