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Beefy Derek


Beefy, Ripped Lumberjack Derek is a tall, tan, All American, 8" hung, bearded stud from a large family of Arborists in Colorado, with an amazing big hairy muscle butt, dark dick hair, lightly furry chest and belly who will excite you as he instructs us on how to talk down trees in this fully erotic nude rock hard and dangerous tree trimming session in a Hawaiian forrest: first stripping out of his dirty work jeans to flex and pose his big biceps in his white jock strap which can barley contain is thick 8" mushroom head cock, massive hairy blue collar man butt, strokes his super thick 8" cock to a full throbber while strapping on his professional tree trimmer Saddle, which grips in thick thighs and firm ass as his cock and big balls hang out of the leather harness, bends over with his hairy ass in the camera as he starts up his chainsaw, and then climbs trees wearing only his Saddle and Spikes on this work boots as he takes down trees fully naked, then takes a long power piss with a full boner with his body and cock fully covered in sweat and saw dust, before taking a hot, soapy, sexy shower outdoors in this exciting new EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! Listen to Beefy Derek, 26, 6'1", 210 lbs talk about his large family of Arborists (2 sisters & 3 brothers), cutting down his first tree with his Dad at age 14, and politely apologies for arriving for this job, his very first nude video and photo shoot and first time climbing trees naked, in totally dirty work clothes and boots because he had been working all day clearing brush and trimming trees for our neighbor. This gentle giant, confesses to being shy as he explains that he wears a jock strap to contain his big fat cock and balls as he climbs trees for a living. Watch as he strips fully naked and strokes a perfectly beautiful thick cock into a tower of throbbing flesh and talks about his massive mushroom dick head, which is often difficult to insert into some of his girlfriends! "it doesn't always go in easily", he says with a shy, naughty smile on his handsome furry lumberjack face. Listen to Big Derek instruct us in all his work gear and he puts on his thick leather "Saddle" and Spikes on his boots fully naked. This is a FIRST for Island Studs and a First for Derek: climbing and cutting down massive trees fully nude! Check out the amazing camera angles we get of Derek's amazing muscle butt and big balls dangling from his straddle as he climbs tall, dangerous trees as he works. His massive butt cheeks open repeatedly as he works wearing only gloves and safely glasses. The footage in this new video is not to be missed! Derek, high above the forrest floor, with his chain saw dangling below his big cock and thighs as he works unaware of our cameras rolling. You will only see exciting real manly nudist work sessions like this in the Island Studs popular "Naked Worker Series"! Watch as this professional youth Arborist 'tops" trees and flashes a big happy naked smile to the camera with each successful cut! What a Stud! Totally wet with his own sweat and with his body and cock cover in saw dust, Derek descends a tree to take a big pee. Before pissing, this horny lad strokes is cock to a full belly slapper and releases a power piss around all the fallen trees. Watch the large slit on the top of his big mushroom head and beautiful cock open WIDE to release a wide bright yellow stream of pee! There is so much fluid contained inside his thick beefy 8" man cock! What a sight! Watch as Dirty Derek walks to the infamous Island Studs, outdoor cement shower, fully naked and sweaty, sits down bare ass on the concrete in the sun to remove his filthy boots and socks! Check out is super white big hairy man feet that never see the sun! Watching this beefy blue collar boy take a hot soapy shower is a real treat! Watch as he meticulously cleans his big body in the shower. He even scrubs his feet and soaps up his hairy ass crack for our cameras.Derek lathers up his body and beard with sudsy soap. Every inch of his thick muscle body is covered in suds! Check out his massive lumberjack butt with soap dripping off it. Big 8" Derek looks great dripping wet! Tall newcomer, Derek is a sweet, and sweaty Rocky Mountain Arborist you will only see here on Island Studs. See all of the unrehearsed conversation and tree trimming action and Derek exposing his sexy ripped body and muscle butt for the first time today. Join Now for Instant Access! Gift yourself Hot Hawaiian Men for the Holidays!

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