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Drake Masters
We are joined today by hot young stud Drake Masters who recently moved from Canada to Los Angeles where he enjoys the warmer climate and hotter selection of men. He admits to being a sexual freak and will entertain having sex with just about anyone as long as they are fit and take care of their bodies. After a brief interview Drake stands up and pulls his shirt over his head. His torso is completely ripped and covered in fur. His nipples are pierced and he has a nice collection of tattoos. He slips down his underwear and his cock springs straight up as he's already rock-hard. Drake grabs his thick ol' cock and begins stroking. He pulls off his underwear, puts them to his face and begins breathing deeply. The smell of himself obviously turns him on even more because his cock shows no sign of going limp. Drake kneels on the sofa, spreads his legs and lets the camera come in for an up-close view of his tight furry hole. He reaches back and begins fingering his ass, slowly working his finger into his hole. Drake pulls out a jacking sleeve and slides it down onto his shaft. He works it up and down, quickly stimulating his dick, which causes his balls to all but disappear. It does not take him long to get himself close. He takes his cock in hand and begins jacking faster. In mere seconds Drake completely loses it and squirts a thick load of creamy jizz all over his furry tummy.


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