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Sean Duran and Killian Knox


Hunky beefcakes Sean Duran and Killian Knox recently met in California and hooked up for some hot action when they both got together in Miami. After the interview is finished Sean reaches under the sheets to find Killian's cock is at full mast so he leans over and woofs the whole thing down his throat. Sean kneels up beside Killian and the deep passionate kissing ensues between each of the taking turns blowing each other's long, hard dicks. Killian flips over onto all fours and Sean leans into Killian's ass, shoving his wet tongue deep into Killian's hole. The tongue fucking gets Killian worked up quickly and when he's all hot and primed Sean pushes his thick, raging cock deep into Killian. The fucking is slow at first; but soon they have the bed rocking as Sean pounds hard and fast. With each of Sean's deep and penetrating thrusts Killian becomes quite vocal with the intense pleasure of Sean's cock finding just that right spot deep inside his ass. Killian flips over on the bed, legs pulled back and after Sean applies some lube to both of their cocks, he shoves his cock back into Killian and the ass-pounding continues. It's so hot to watch when you know both of them are really into each other because throughout the entire scene neither of their cocks go soft. In a very hot twist Sean lays back on the bed and offers his ass to Killian's thick piece of meat. Killian pushes it deep and then starts pounding just as hard as he was receiving. Sean grabs his cock and starts jacking in rhythm to the motion of Killian's fucking. Killian hits that sweet spot deep inside Sean and Sean's balls all but disappear. In what appears to be very intense convulsions Sean squirts a thick load of cum all over his ripped abs. Killian leans down to lick the cum off of Sean's cock while he grabs his own cock and coats Sean with a healthy load of jizz. Their two sweaty bodies fall into each other and as the camera fades out, we leave these two hot studs in their last deeply passionate kiss.

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