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James Huck and Rob Banner


James Huck is trying to study but Rob Banner comes in all horned up and he wont leave James alone. He plops himself onto the bed, pulls out his cock and starts playing with it. Rob keeps telling James to join him and finally James turns around catching Rob playing with himself. He immediately reaches over and begins playing with Robs cock as the two begin kissing. They start stripping off each others clothes and when Robs hard, uncut cock stands straight up in from of James face the only thing James can do is swallow it and give it a tongue bath. Rob reciprocates the blowjob before climbing on top of James hard piece of meat. Rob settles in and James begins thrusting forcefully from below. Robs cock is so excited it is standing completely rigid and rock-hard. James bends Rob over onto all fours, drives his cock deep into Robs ass and continues tearing up Robs hole. Laying back on the bed Rob lifts his leg and James continues the ass-fucking. Rob grabs ahold of his cock and starts jacking. Between his jerking and James continuously pounding his prostate Rob loses it in no time at all. His cock is soon squirting a thick load of jizz all over himself. James pulls out and he blows his load, launching cum all the way up to Robs chest.

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