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Connor Maguire


Connor Maguire returns to Badpuppy and boy has he bulked up. It's been 8 years since he last visited and Connor has put on about 75 pounds of hot muscle mass. It's about the moment in the interview when Connor is describing his favorite orgies and how they turned him on where he reaches for his cock. He massages it thru his shorts until it finally pokes out from below. Connor stands and pulls his shirt off over his head. His chest and abs are perfectly sculpted and covered in a thin layer of ginger fur. He pulls down his shorts and his rock-hard, uncut dick springs straight up. Connor grabs his cock and starts jacking. He turns and bends over the bench, spreading his tight bubble-butt for the camera before giving us a little show. Lying back on the bench, Connor closes his eyes and focuses on stroking his meat and making himself feel good. As his jacking rate increases so does his breathing. His nuts tighten and soon Connor is squirting a thick load of cum all over himself.

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